About Us

CanCorp Security, Inc. is your trusted source when it comes to commercial, industrial or private security needs.  With a management team bringing together a wealth of knowledge in the field of security systems and custom tailored programs, CanCorp is a partner for all your security needs. From the onset, our firm will develop a security system and procure the necessary tools to exceed all your security concerns.

We remain up to date with industry demands and utilize the latest technology and techniques on all our projects.  We have worked closely with numerous industrial and commercial clients in Canada, the U.S and internationally – no project is too large for CanCorp. While our focus is mainly commercial and industrial clients, we have also worked with private individuals seeking the maximum level of protection when it comes to meeting their security needs.

By working directly with clients and manufacturers, CanCorp is able to provide customized solutions that are often difficult to duplicate. Our tailored approach is what sets CanCorp apart. For more information on how CanCorp can assist you, please contact our office to speak with one our representatives.